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We are always ready and willing to buy all types of rare coins, collectibles, gold, silver, and other bullion products. With an excellent reputation for providing fair valuations, we ensure that the selling process for our customers is efficient, convenient and transparent. When you sell your products to Champion Numismatics, you are guaranteed best prices for your items with quick and easy payments.

Sell Gold And Silver To Champion Numismatics

Champion Numismatics is always looking to buy good quality rare coins and bullion products. If you are looking to sell your valuable items to a trustworthy and dependable buyer, then we would love to hear from you and want to help you get the best money for these products. We do not use any unethical marketing tactics or put any pressure on you to sell, and ensure that the selling process for you is straightforward and hassle-free. Our priority at Champion Numismatics is to serve our clients in the best way possible by being resourceful and open in all our communications.

We receive
your products

We get paid by the
next business day

When shipping us your products, all customers must always securely package their items in a proper, unmarked box.

Send your securely packaged box through Signature Confirmation service by USPS. Ensure that the labels are properly filled out with correct details.

All items that you send to us must be accompanied with a list of the items, along with your name, contact number, and your address.

To ensure that your items are delivered safely to the right address without any details, it is important that you properly follow all the details and instructions that are communicated. Using tracking service with insured shipping can protect you from losing your valuables and from unexpected delays.

Interested in Selling to Champion Numismatics?

If you are looking for a dependable buyer to sell your precious rare coins or precious metals, then initiate the selling process by contacting us today through our website or by simply calling us. We buy everything from ancient coins, rare colonials, early American coins to Morgan Dollars, American Silver and Gold Eagles, copper coins, commemoratives, and all types of bullion products. Contact us today to get best money for your valuables.

Benefits of Selling to Champion Numismatics

Honest & Reliable

Every staff member at Champion Numismatics deals with customers with utmost integrity and clear communication. When you sell to us, you can be rest assured that you are working with honest industry professionals who will handle every transaction ethically in line with our outlined rules of business.

Best Rates

We are proud to say that we will offer you the best prices for your products based on fair market rates, whether these are rare coins, bullion products (gold, silver, platinum, palladium), or any other collectibles. By keeping our profit margins lower, we pay you more money for your items than our competitors.

Convenient Process

A simple and efficient step-by-step selling process offers our customers complete peace of mind. From the moment you contact us to express your interest in selling your items, our representatives will go to great lengths to provide you all the information before we formally initiate the selling process.

Wide Range of Products

Champion Numismatics buys all types of rare coins from the US and from across the world. We also specialize in gold and silver bullion products, along with other precious metals. Because we offer so many numismatic varieties in our inventory, we are always willing to add quality products by purchasing new items.

Always Available

Our excellent customer service is unparalleled in the numismatic community. We try to provide our customers with a great number of resources to help them understand the products better, whether they are looking to buy or sell. You can call us anytime with your inquiries and can also visit us at our store locations by booking an appointment. We will be happy to guide you through.

Quick & Easy Payments

We try to deliver your payments right away after we have received your products and verified their authenticity. As long as your items are verified by our experts to be exactly as you advertised them in the initial communications with us, we will ensure that your payment is issued the next business day through your preferred payment options.